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Large Master Indirect Heater Package

Large Master Indirect Heater Package

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Product Description

Large Indirect Heater Package

Everything you need to heat multiple spaces at once

Our Large Master Indirect Heater Package offers a choice of Master indirect fired diesel heaters, along with a fantastic range of accessories, at a discounted price. The heaters available with this package deal are the Master BV110E (34kW - 230v), the Master BV170DV (49kW - Dual Voltage), or the Master BV290DV (85kW - Dual Voltage). This range of options allows you to select a heater suitable for your space - whether it be a medium sized marquee or a large hall or warehouse. These package deals come with your choice of either a 2 x 3m or 7.6m length of flexible ducting and a 2-way splitter, an exhaust flue and rain cowl, a thermostat and two diffusers. Purchasing one of these package deals provides great value for money, as it is cheaper than buying all of the components separately. Our large indirect heater packages give you everything you need to heat multiple spaces or large spaces such as marquees, halls, workshops, warehouses, construction sites and more.

High Quality Indirect Fired Diesel Heaters

Tough. Robust. Effective

Master produce tough, robust and very effective climate control equipment. Their range of indirect fired space heaters are renowned throughout the industry for being some of the best models around. In particular, the fans in these space heaters are much more efficient and powerful than the fans in heaters from competitor brands, meaning that Master indirect space heaters can push the warm air much further, heating the space faster and more effectively. These heaters come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and they all have robust stainless steel combustion chambers, large internal fuel tanks, heat exchangers, three oil filters (oil pump filter, suction filter and inlet filter) and electronic flame control with photocell. They are mounted on a strong trolley frame with large wheels and a handle so they can be moved around easily. Placed outside the area you wish to heat, these indirect space heaters exhaust fumes produced during combustion via their flue. Only clean, safe, fume-free warm air is blown into the space through the lengths of flexible ducting.

Great Value Package Deal

Discounted prices & FREE delivery!

Our Master Indirect Heater Packages offers great value for money, as all of the components needed to heat a space with the indirect fired diesel heater are supplied at a reduced price compared to purchasing each of the items separately. These large heater packages come with a 2 way splitter, which allows you to attach two different lengths of ducting to the warm air outlet of the heater, meaning that the warm air can be directed to two different areas simultaneously. We can also supply optional upgrades for the package deals - a digital thermostat rather than the standard analogue thermostat and a rain cover. Digital thermostats provide greater control of the climate. They are ideal for use in spaces where precise temperature control is required. Master digital thermostats are accurate within 0.1℃ and have a vast working range between -10℃ and 70℃. The bright and clear display is capable of an accurate readout between -30℃ and 100℃. Master indirect heater rain covers are tough, durable and high quality. They provide protection for the heater while it is in use outdoors and while it is in storage. We supply these Large Master indirect space heater packages with FREE delivery to UK mainland addresses, providing an even greater saving! Enquire online or over the phone with our sales team for the price and to order a Large Master Indirect Heater Package.

Product Detail
  • Included in package:
    1 x Master BV110E or Master BV170DV or Master BV290DV
    2 x 3m or 7.6m Ducting
    1 x 2 Way Splitter
    2 x Soft Grid Diffusers
    1 x Thermostat
    1 x Flue
    1 x Rain Cowl
    FREE Delivery (Mainland UK)

    Master BV110E Heater Specifications
    Heat Output: 34kW / 116,000 Btu
    Air Flow: 1800m³/h
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 65L
    Fuel Consumption: 3.2l/h
    Fuel Autonomy: 21h
    Electric Power: 0.8kW
    Rated Current: 3.5A
    Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 1235 x 575 x 1000
    Weight: 61kg
    Voltage: 230v

    Master BV170DV Heater Specifications
    Heat Output: 49kW / 167,200 Btu
    Air Flow: 1800m³/h
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 65L
    Fuel Consumption: 4.7l/h
    Fuel Autonomy: 14h
    Electric Power: 0.8kW
    Rated Current: 3.5A
    Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 1350 x 575 x 1000
    Weight: 65kg
    Voltage: Dual Voltage 110v / 230v

    Master BV290DV Heater Specifications
    Heat Output: 85kW / 290,000 Btu
    Air Flow: 3300m³/h
    Tank Capacity: 105L
    Fuel Consumption: 8.1l/h
    Fuel Autonomy: 13h
    Electric Power: 1.06kW
    Rated Current: 4.6A
    Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 1600 x 700 x 1150
    Weight: 100kg
    Voltage: Dual Voltage 110v / 230v

    Please note: This product description and detail is based on the model we have the most stock of. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.