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Fibreglass Scaffold Towers

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Product Description

Fibreglass Scaffold Tower Hire

Non-conductive GRP towers for electrical work

Fibreglass scaffold towers provide a much safer and secure means of access for working at a height. They are non-corrosive and non-conductive, ideal for use when repairing or installing electrical equipment. GRP towers are also suitable for Railtrack and underground work, areas with potential chemical hazards, and environments where hygiene is highly important, like the food industry.

These self-build access platforms are available in 'standard (1.45m)' and 'narrow (0.85m)' width, and with a choice of either a 2.5m or 1.8m platform. This flexibility gives you the option of having a tower with plenty of space for workers and equipment when working in areas with lots of space; or a compact and convenient tower in areas with less space available.

You can assemble these towers quickly and easily. Safety toe boards, stabilisers and adjustable locking castors are provided, ensuring a convenient and practical solution to your access problems without compromising safety and security.

Tower Heights: 2.2m, 2.7m, 3.2m, 3.7m, 4.2m, 4.7m, 5.2m, 5.7m, 6.2m, 6.7m, 7.2m, 7.7m, 8.2m, 8.7m, 9.2m, 9.7m, 10.2m, 10.7m, 11.2m, 11.7m, 12.2m, 12.7m & 13.2m.

Note: We measure the tower height to the top rail. Add 1 metre to get the 'working height'.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GRP tower?

A GRP tower is a scaffold tower made from fibreglass. They are non-corrosive and non-conductive, so they are safe for use when working at a height on electrical installations and repairs.

What is the difference between 'Standard' and 'Narrow' width scaffold towers?

Standard width scaffold towers are 1.45m wide. This gives you plenty of space for workers and tools. Our narrow width scaffold towers are 0.85m wide – they are designed for use in areas with limited amounts of space in which to work.

What is the choice of deck sizes with the fibreglass scaffold towers?

You can select a 1.8m deck or a 2.5m platform deck.

What is 'Working Height'?

‘Working height’ is a term that refers to the height at which you can work using the GRP scaffold tower. We measure our towers up to their top handrail, so the working height is 1 metre above that – as you can reach up and safely work on something overhead at the height of 1m above the handrail.

Do the fibreglass scaffold towers have an integrated ladder system?

Yes. Our fibreglass scaffold towers have an integrated ladder system that allows safe access to the working platform.

Do I need to hire anything else with a GRP scaffold tower?

No. Although, if you plan to carry tools and equipment up to the top of the scaffold tower, we recommend that you hire a pulley system or a hoist. Trying to carry the tools up the tower with you is dangerous – you need both hands free to ascend the ladder system safely. It is best to use a hoist or pulley system to lift tools to the top of the tower, once you are already on the working platform. You can use a tool belt to carry small hand tools up the tower.

Can I collect the GRP tower from store?

Yes, you can. However, you would need suitable transport, as our GRP scaffold tower kits would not fit into a car. Our Hire Team would be able to recommend if your transport would be suitable for transporting a tower.

Can you deliver the scaffold tower to my home or work site?

Yes, we can. We can deliver to most areas in the UK mainland – to your home or work site.

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