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What is a Scaffold Tower?
What is a Scaffold Tower?

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What is a Scaffold Tower?

Find out what a scaffold tower is, the common uses of this equipment, what types are available & further information.

A scaffold tower is a piece of equipment used for accessing a height in construction, maintenance, inspection, decoration, and more.

Scaffold towers are made up of frames, bars and platforms. They come in separate parts so that they can be erected and dismantled on site.

They are available in a range of heights and with different work platform sizes to suit various applications.

What is a Scaffold Tower Used For?

Scaffold towers allow for access to heights for various applications, and they help prevent falls during work.

Scaffold towers are useful because they are quick and easy to erect and take down. They are highly versatile and can be used for all industries as well as for DIY. Scaffold towers are lightweight and compact when dismantled. They are easy to transport, so they are ideal for contractors and hire.

Scaffold towers are mobile and self-supporting. Many come with castors, so they can be pushed along while erected, and they do not need a wall, building, or another solid structure for stability - ideal for indoor worksites, and reaching ceilings.

Scaffold towers are also very robust and durable. The components are usually made of aluminium or steel, so they are non-corrosive, strong, and resistant to impacts. Scaffold towers offer excellent longevity and reliability. 

Are Scaffold Towers Safe?

Scaffold towers are safe, offering a secure platform that is surrounded by guardrails. They are ideal for long duration work at heights. Scaffold towers are a great alternative to ladders, as they are more stable, more comfortable, and allow more space for the worker, plus their tools and equipment. Scaffold towers also allow for greater reach without relocating, and without stretching or leaning. 

A qualified or competent person must inspect a scaffold tower after assembly and then at regular intervals. If the tower is used for construction work and could result in a fall from 2 metres or more, it must be inspected after assembly and every 7 days. If the inspection shows it is not safe for work to continue, stop until all faults are fixed.

There are other guidelines that you should follow -

  • Only use a tower on a firm, flat, even surface.
  • Be aware of and adhere to your towers safe workload.
  • Never use a tower in strong winds.
  • Never use other objects to gain height.
  • Never use a tower in a manner in which it is not designed for.
  • Never use a tower with missing sections, broken parts, or incompatible components.
  • If moving a mobile tower, reduce the height to 4m.
  • If moving a mobile tower, always push or pull from the base section.

Can Anyone Use a Scaffold Tower?

Anyone can obtain and use a scaffold tower, including contractors and people undertaking DIY. It is important to follow the manufacturers' instructions for assembly. Contractors must follow Work at Height Regulations - you can find out more about the Work at Height (2005) Regulations & advice on scaffold tower use on the PASMA website.

What Are Scaffold Towers Also Known As?

Scaffold towers are also known as tower scaffolds, scaffolding towers, and access towers.

What Other Types of Scaffold Towers & Scaffolding is There?

As well as standard aluminium scaffold towers, there is also GRP fibreglass towers, stair scaffold towers, and DIY scaffold towers available.

For jobs at extreme heights, such as window cleaning, and for larger projects, suspended scaffolding and supported scaffolding are used regularly.

There are also scaffold options for niche work, such as chimney scaffolding and lift shaft scaffold towers.

Where Can I Hire a Scaffold Tower?

With over 400 tool hire shops nationwide, National Tool Hire Shops offers DIY and Trade customers a convenient tool hire service, with over 2,000 products available, including plate compactors.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Scaffold Tower?

Depending on the tower height, the length and width of the platform, and the length of the hire period, you can hire a scaffold tower from as little as £14 per week.

Prices may vary due to location and availability. Check our range below to see what you can book in your area.