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Roof Ladder Hire
Roof Ladder Hire

Roof Ladder Hire

We have standard roof ladders & conservatory ladders available for hire nationwide. This access equipment is ideal for cleaning, inspection, maintenance & repair, allowing you to climb to the highest point of an apex roof & safely across a glazed roof, without damaging tiles or scratching the glass.

  • Roof Ladders

    Ideal For Working on Pitched Roofs

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    Roof Ladders
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  • Conservatory Roof Ladder

    Ideal For Cleaning Glazed Roofs

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    Conservatory Roof Ladder
    Average UK Price £80.85
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Roof Ladder Hire

Access equipment for sloped & glazed roofs

These ladders are high quality, industry-standard equipment. They provide safe and secure access to sloped tile roofs and glazed conservatory roofs for construction, cleaning, maintenance, inspection, repair, and decorating work. These ladders are ideal for both trade and DIY tasks, and they offer you access to awkward workspaces while protecting the surrounding tiles or glass.

Our standard roof crawlers are lightweight, high-grade aluminium. They are easy to transport and move into place, as well as offering strength and durability. These ladders feature large wheels, a ridge hook with a non-slip rubber end bar, and box section stiles. We have 4.97-metre and 5.46-metre single section ladders and a 6.6-metre double section extending roof ladders available.

Our conservatory roof ladders feature an adjustable foot stabiliser, anti-slip rungs, flexible upper section, kneeler, tool tray, bucket recess, suction cup, and safety strap. You can use these ladders on uneven ground, and you can adapt the upper section for the height and slope of the glazed roof. These ladders are suitable for 2.5° to 35° pitches, the vertical section can reach conservatory eaves at 2.4 to 2.6-metres high, and the horizontal section offers an additional 1.6-metres of reach.