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Power Float Hire

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Power Float Hire

Power floats are professional pieces of concrete finishing equipment, designed to remove blemishes and tamp marks from a fresh concrete slab and leave a smooth, hard, level and professional finish. We have power float hire available nationwide at great rates.

900mm Petrol Power Float

For Professional Concrete Finishing

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900mm Petrol Power Float
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Power Float Hire

Tough, robust & effective concrete finishing equipment

Our power floats are professional concrete finishing tools, designed for smoothing new concrete slabs and leaving a solid and level finish, free from marks and high spots. Also known as power trowels, these machines feature a petrol engine and blades or a rotating disc. The rotating disc ( or 'float pan') is used for smoothing and levelling the concrete slab. The blades are then used over the surface to leave a hard and solid finish.

Power floats offer a faster and more effective way of finishing a new large concrete slab than manual concrete floats, such as easy floats.

We have power float hire available nationwide. You can book a hire online or over the phone and collect the machine from your nearest depot at the start of the hire or we can deliver it to you. We also have manual concrete floats available for hire.

What is a power float?

A power float is a concrete finishing machine with an engine fixed over a circular pan with rotating blades or a finishing disc. The disc rotates over the fresh concrete slab to smooth it, before the blades are used to create a hardened finish. Power floats are available in a range of sizes, from compact single disc pedestrian power floats, to large ride-on double power floats.

When to use a power float

A power float should be used on a concrete slab just before the concrete has fully hardened. If the concrete has not yet set when you use the power float, then it will tear up the surface. If the concrete is too hard, then the power trowel will not be able to correct the level. The amount of setting time neeeded before you can power float a slab depends on the ambient air temperature, humidity and the specification of the concrete mix. Though, as a rough guide, if you walk on the concrete surface and leave indentations of 3-4 mm, the slab should be ready for floating.

Please note that petrol or diesel powered equipment must only be used in outdoor, well ventilated spaces. Only electric or manual concrete floats should be used indoors.