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Mitre Saw Hire

We have mitre saws & sliding compound mitre saws for making accurate angled cuts into wood to achieve mitres & bevels, as well as straight crosscuts. Mitre saws are ideal for trade & DIY customers, they are suitable for general woodwork & carpentry jobs.

Mitre Saw Hire

For crosscuts, mitres & bevels

Mitre saws are professional standard pieces of equipment, ideal for use at home, in the workshop, and on-site. They allow you to make angled cuts in a range of different types of wood. This makes them ideal for carpentry, such as crown moulding, cutting door frames, window frames, skirting boards, cabinetry, deck building, and general woodworking.

We have 260mm mitre saws, with mitre angle stops with 9 settings, including 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45° to both the right or left, and 0° (90° cuts). They are also capable of bevel cuts up to 45° to the left.

We have 305mm sliding compound mitre saws. The cutting blade is attached to a sliding rail so that you can make larger cuts. They feature a patented 4-steel rail sliding system, and they can be used to cut mitres 0º - 52º to the left, and 0º - 60º to the right, with positive stops at 0º, 15º, 22.5º, 31.6º, and 45º. They can also cut bevels 0º - 45º to the left and the right, with positive stops at 22.5º, 33.9º, and 45º.

We also have 305mm metal mitre saws with powerful motors, and guide plates that are adjustable between 0º - 45º for straight and angled cuts in metal pipe, rod, conduit, angle iron, and more.

Both of these table-top tools are lightweight, portable, and extremely versatile. They have electric breaks and double insulation, plus integrated dust collection systems. They are 110v machines and require a transformer and 110v extension lead to use them with a standard 240v domestic mains power socket.

You can book a mitre saw hire online or over the phone with our hire team. Once you have booked a hire, you can collect the equipment from your local depot at the start of the hire or we can deliver to you. We can also supply any transformers, extension leads and blades needed as accessories.