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We have an excellent range of palm sanders, finishing sanders, belt sanders, random orbital sanders & edging sanders available. Hand sanders are ideal for professional woodworking & DIY at home when preparing & finishing surfaces.

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Hand Sander Hire

Palm, belt, random orbital & edging sanders

A quality hand sander can transform furniture, wooden floors, doors, window frames, skirting, and other surfaces. Whether you are upcycling an old table or renovating a room, we have a range of hand sanders that will allow trade professionals and DIYers to revitalise or transform tired, worn, discoloured, and damaged surfaces in no time.

Belt Sanders

Belt sanders shape and finish materials, such as wood and more, offering a linear sanding action that produces an aesthetic finish. They have electric motors that drive 2 drums with a sandpaper belt mounted on them, allowing for a continuous loop. Belt sanders are versatile and can level surfaces, smooth rough patches, trim to scribed lines, round and shape wood, and remove paints, lacquers, varnish, and other finishes, quickly and easily.

We have 110v belt sanders with variable speed control and high power functions for stock removal. They also have integrated dust bags for waste collection and long cables for sanding runs.

Palm Sanders / Finishing Sanders

Palm sanders, also known as finishing sanders, are ideal for small to medium sanding jobs and finishing stages of work before adding a coat of varnish, paint, wax, or stain. You can also use them to strip surfaces and remove old and worn finishes so that they can be replaced. Palm sanders are compact power tools that move the sanding pad quickly and in small orbits, gently taking away the topcoat or rough sections of a surface. They fit into 1 hand, allowing you to move them manually, covering small areas in no time. Finishing sanders use standard sandpaper that you can install and replace when needed.

We have 110v palm sanders, with 112 x 102mm sanding pads with rolled clamper's edges for easy installation and removal. They also feature contoured grips with non-skid elastomer coated surfaces, built-in dust collection systems and can deliver 14000 orbits per minute for efficient working.

Random Orbital Sanders

Random orbital sanders are ideal for stripping wood, removing rough areas, and deburring materials. They feature round sanding pads that vibrate, rotate, and also oscillate off-centre in an ununiformed pattern, using a ball-bearing mechanism. When the pad encounters a hard or raised point of a surface, its motion is adjusted, allowing it to work away at the point gradually and from different angles, creating a random scratch pattern. Random orbital sanders are very efficient for smoothing materials but are too aggressive for a clean finish.

We have 110v random orbital sanders, with 123mm sanding pads that operate with 12000 orbits per minute. These sanders have high-powered motors that can deliver constant speed under load for heavy-duty applications, and they have ergonomic soft grips for exceptional comfort and control. 

Floor Edging Sanders

Floor edging sanders strip floorboards close to skirting boards and walls, where larger units cannot reach. They leave a smaller gap, so your floorboards have a consistent finish. Edging sanders are also ideal for confined areas, wardrobes, cupboards, stair treads, and more.

We have 240v floor edging sanders, 178mm sanding discs, and a dynamically balanced metal backed sanding pad. They feature wheel castors so you can change their direction easily during use, powerful vacuum systems, dust bag supports, and they produce 3300 revolutions per minute. These edging sanders leave just a 10-15mm gap away from surfaces for a beautiful end product.

Our equipment is available to trade and DIY customers nationwide. The National Tool Hire Shops rates are highly competitive, and we offer great value delivery nationwide Take a look at our full hand sander hire range and book online or over the phone for collection from a local depot or home delivery.