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We have an excellent range of Genie Lifts available for material handing & access to heights. We have push around material lifts, Superlifts & Super Hoists. We also have a large selection of MEWPs, including vertical masts, scissor lifts & cherry pickers.

Genie Lift Hire

Superlifts & MEWPs

Genie Industries is a leading manufacturer of aerial lift equipment. The company produces innovative material handling equipment and work platforms that are used in a variety of industries. Genie lifts are popular for rental, aviation, construction, entertainment, military, industrial, commercial, and domestic applications.

Push around material lifts

Genie's push around lifts are lightweight and versatile. They are designed for efficiency and safety in the workplace, allowing you to lift and move various loads with ease, improving productivity. Material lifts are suitable or transportation, organisation, and installation. They are ideal for warehouses, depots, factories, garages, construction sites, and more.

  • Genie Superlifts. Narrow material lifts with telescopic aluminium masts, steel forks & a winch mechanism. The SLA10 has a maximum lift height of 4.49m and a safe working load of 454kg. The SLA15 has a maximum lift height of 4.98m and a safe working load of 363kg. The SLA20 has a maximum lift height of 6.46m and a safe working load of 363kg. The SLA25 has a maximum lift height of 7.94m and a safe working load of 204kg.

Genie Superlifts are also available with a great range of accessories, so you can adapt them for specific applications, such as handling plumbing materials, HVAC components, larger loads & more. We supply fork extensions, load platforms, pipe cradles & boom attachments.

  • Genie Super Hoists. Lightweight & portable material lifts with CO2 or compressed air powered telescopic load platforms. The GH 3.8 has a lifting capacity of 136kg to 3.8m, and the GH 5.6 has a lifting capacity of 113kg to 5.6m.

Mobile elevating work platforms

Genie's MEWP range allows for safe and secure access to high up and awkward areas so that work can be carried out, with less chance of a fall from height. We have a versatile range of Genie access equipment available, for indoor and outdoor worksites, on rough terrain, reaching ceilings, building exteriors, over obstacles, and when there is no access from directly below, such as over water. MEWPs are ideal for warehousing, logistics, maintenance, inspection, decoration, construction, installation, cleaning, repair, and more. You can read about MEWP health and safety with the HSE mobile elevating work platforms guidance page.

  • Vertical Mast Lifts. Self-propelled work platforms with excellent reach & enough room for an operator, plus materials. They are compact, lightweight & easy to manoeuvre & operate. The GR12 has a working height of 5.45m and a working weight limit of 227kg. The GR15 has a working height of 6.52m and a working weight limit of 227kg. The GR20 has a working height of 8.02m and a working weight limit of 159kg.
  • Electric Scissor Lifts. Efficient, compact work platforms with zero emissions & low noise operation, ideal for indoor applications. The GS3232 has a working height of 11.50m and a working weight limit of 227kg. The GS4047 has a working height of 13.70m and a working weight limit of 350kg.
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts. Diesel work platforms that offer excellent lift speeds & generous room for operators, plus materials. Rough terrain scissor lifts are ideal for uneven construction sites & gradient surfaces. We have diesel scissor lifts with working heights from 8m to 17.95m.
  • Articulated Boom Lifts. Articulating boom lifts raise loads up, over & out with precise positioning. They are ideal for reaching work areas that are hard to access & confined spaces. We have cherry pickers with working heights from 12.5 to 43.15m.

You can book Genie material lifts online or over the phone for collection from a local depot or home delivery. The National Tool Hire Shops rates are highly competitive, and our nationwide delivery rates are some of the best in the industry. For MEWPs, enquire online or over the phone with our hire team to see what is available in your area.