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Which Space Heater Is Right For You?

13 Dec 2017

At National Tool Hire Shops, we cater to your needs no matter what the weather. From climate control solutions in the summer such as air conditioning, coolers and industrial fans to heaters, dryers and dehumidifiers for the colder autumn and winter months and even circulation and ventilation equipment such as fans and extraction units – we’ve got it all!

If your home or business is feeling the chill, then we stock an exceptional range of heaters for hire and for sale through our partner site National Heater Shops. But which heater is right for you? We take a look at all the different types, to help you decide what the best solution is to toast your toes this winter!

1.            Electric

Offering a great solution in locations that do not have sufficient ventilation for direct diesel or gas-fired heaters, we stock an extensive range of electric fan heaters both for hire and for sale. They work using a heating element, with the heat then being distributed via an internal fan. These electric fan heaters are also popular choices for smaller commercial and industrial locations, as well as for domestic and office use. Search our hire range here or our sales range here.


2.            Infra-red

Typically used for the spot heating, thawing and drying of smaller areas, infra-red heaters typically utilize diesel oil or electricity as their primary fuel source, with the flame emitted by the internal burner effecting on to a large front mounted metal plate/dish which then radiates heat out. One added benefit of this way of heating is once the unit is turned off after prolonged use, the dish still radiates heat out for some time afterwards. Particularly popular in locations such as workshops and garages, you can check out our hire range here or our sales range here.

3.            Direct

Direct Heaters offer the highest level of efficiency of any heater, with up to 100% of the diesel oil or gas used being utilized and thrown out in the form of heat. Not as suited to drying as indirect and infrared diesel heaters and primarily employed for distributing the largest amount of air in bigger, well-ventilated areas, direct heaters are certainly up there among the most effective heating solutions on the market.  best used to provide large volumes of warm air in large ventilated areas, as the heating process adds moisture to the air during combustion. Search our hire range here or our sales range here.

4.            Indirect

Throwing out only 100% clean, dry air, indirect heaters can either sit inside a building with the waste gases being flued out or can sit outside a building with the warm air being ducted inside the building. Ideal for areas with good ventilation, and are particularly popular in the leisure industry such as marquees, event hire, halls and more. Search our hire range here or our sales range here.

For heater hires, you can contact our hire team directly via telephone or online live chat. For sales, you can visit our sister site National Heater Shops!