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When To Aerate Your Garden Lawn

11 Nov 2016

The soil in your lawn can become compacted and hard following harsh winters, during dry summer months or when there has been a lot of foot traffic.

Compacted soil prevents key nutrients, water and air from penetrating the soil and reaching the grass roots, to provide the nourishment that they need for healthy, rich grass growth. Compacted soil also causes drainage problems, as rain water can’t penetrate the soil properly and will instead sit on the top surface, drowning the grass. This can also lead to moss growth, as moss thrives in damp conditions.

This means that it is important to aerate your garden lawn. You should aerate your lawn during the spring or early autumn months – before or after the dry and warm summer period. Aerating your lawn in the spring gives your lawn the time and opportunity to recover before the summer months ahead. Aerating your lawn in early autumn prepares your lawn for the harsh winter months. For best results, aerate your lawn once a year.

It is important to use a high quality lawn aerator to aerate your lawn. A common mistake people make is using a garden fork to aerate the lawn – this is not as effective as using a professional aerating machine and it is not convenient when covering large areas.

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