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National Tool Hire Building Equipment Top 10 2 Jun 2021

National Tool Hire Building Equipment Top 10

At National Tool Hire, we utilise the hire fleets of a massive range of regional and national tool hire suppliers. Our unique, decentralised hub-and-spoke business model allows us to provide a catalogue of more than 2,000,000 products from over 2,000 partner stores. We can offer our customers the most competitive prices right across the country, fulfil orders in areas of high demand, and supply popular everyday items, plus niche, specialist, and seasonal equipment. Below, we have compiled a list of our building equipment hire top 10.

10. Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier removes moisture from a space in a controllable, efficient manner. You can use one to dry an area at speed dictated to suit the application.

These machines are popular hire items with construction workers, contractors, and DIYers with their flexibility and versatility. You can use them to dry screed, plaster, paint, concrete, wallboard, millwork, and other wet processes. They accelerate the drying process, allowing you to ensure excellent finishing, and meet your deadlines.

Secondly, you can use a dehumidifier to control and reduce humidity levels in rooms. Avoiding trapped moisture can prevent condensation and other effects of excessive moisture, like dampness, mould, mildew, rust, pooling, rot, and stale odours.

Thirdly, you can use these machines to dry out areas that have suffered from leaks or floods due to burst plumbing, fire sprinkler systems, heavy rainfall, and fluvial or coastal flooding. They are ideal for water-damaged homes, businesses, and construction sites delayed due to the conditions.

We have a great range of refrigerant dehumidifiers available, with capacities to remove 12, 30, 42, 48, 55, and 97-litres of water per day. You can also team these units with carpet dryers, fans, and electric heaters to increase their effectiveness.

9. Diggers and Excavators

These machines excavate the ground and move and dump earth or building materials on-site. They are highly efficient machines that you can use to dig quickly and efficiently. Plant like this is suitable for construction, demolition, landscaping, utility maintenance, installation, and more.

Micro and mini diggers are nimble machines that you can use for smaller projects. They are ideal when the work field is confined or for domestic scale projects. You can operate one without a licence, making them suitable for DIY, and they have simple controls that are easy to get to grips with and offer excellent manoeuvrability. Larger excavators obviously allow you to undertake heavier digging and lift greater loads.

We have a range of diggers that you can book online, including 0.8, 1.5, 3, and 5-tonne machines. We can also provide much bigger plant upon request, and you can hire dumpers to assist with site management and tidying.

8. Lighting

Proper on-site lighting can be essential for ensuring construction and DIY projects are efficient, safe, and delivered on time. Building site lighting equipment is suitable for indoor and outdoor work areas, offering higher visibility at night, and buildings without windows, or undergoing the first fix.

Our lighting range includes lighting towers, floodlights, portable lighting, and festoons. Each group is a robust and reliable source of light for work areas, but they are flexible. You can also use them to provide temporary lighting for commercial and domestic events and emergency lighting.

7. Generators

Generators provide a portable source of motive power on-site. They allow you to run power tools, equipment, lighting, and accommodation when the work field is remote, or the grid cannot supply the level of power needed continuously.

We have a range of petrol and diesel generators available in a range of sizes. Some of our products are compact and portable, while others are larger, towable road units. We provide a range of powers

6. Acrow Props

Acrow props are temporary supports for ceilings, walls, floors, beams, and formwork during construction and renovation work. They are telescopic and adjustable for different heights and widths. Tubular steel props are heavy-duty and can support heavy loads securely, ensuring safety within the work area.

We have 1.04m to 4.88m acrow props available, and we also supply strongboys, and trench struts.

5. Strongboys

Strongboys (or prop heads) fit the top of acrow props to support walls when fitting lintels, RSJs, or beams. They weigh 6.5kg, with a support span of up to 900mm, and a maximum safe load of 340kg. You hammer the blade of the strongboy into a raked mortar joint. Along with acrow props, they support the load's weight so that the materials below can be removed.

4. Breakers

These machines break up robust materials such as concrete, floors, roads, paths, brickwork for demolition and construction. They are robust and versatile tools that are used by contractors and DIYers.

We have a really good range of breakers available, including electric demolition hammers, petrol road breakers, air road breakers, SDS hammer drills, power scrapers, needle guns, and more.

3. Cement Mixers

Concrete mixers create mortar, screed, and concrete for all kinds of construction and masonry. They are used in the construction of homes, commercial buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures. Concrete mixers are also used in the construction of floors, slabs, paviours, kerbs, pipes, drains, and more.

Cement mixers come in a range of sizes, with drum volumes suitable for different applications. We have 240v mixers, 110v mixers, petrol mixers, diesel mixers available.

2. Wacker Plates

You use wacker plates to compress, smooth, and flatten rough and uneven surface materials, such as soil, sand, hardcore, gravel, and asphalt, to create a level grade. They make sturdy, even substrate that you can build upon safely.

We have a versatile range of wackers, including 320mm petrol vibrating plates, 400mm petrol vibrating plates, and 380mm electric vibrating plates. We also supply 400mm petrol reversible plate compactors, 400mm diesel reversible plate compactors, vibrating rollers, and trench rammers.

1. Scaffold Towers

Scaffold towers are access platforms for working at a height and preventing falls in construction, maintenance, inspection, decoration, and more. They come in pre-fabricated frame sections, which you can erect quickly to provide a solid and spacious platform with an all-around guard rail.

Our aluminium scaffold towers are available with working heights from 3.2m to 14.2m, with standard or narrow widths, and either a 1.8m or 2.5m platform deck. They are ideal for general indoor and outdoor use. We also supply MiTower DIY scaffold towers and stair scaffolds.