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Mini Digger Hire For Trade & DIY

Mini Digger Hire For Trade & DIY 13 Jun 2018

Mini Digger Hire Available Nationwide

We now have mini digger hire / mini excavator hire available nationwide, for both trade and DIY customers! So whether you are a professional tradesperson working on site, or a DIY user doing some landscaping at home, you can hire a mini digger to get the job done quickly, efficiently and professionally.

What is a mini digger?

A mini digger, sometimes referred to as a mini excavator or micro digger, is a compact yet powerful piece of machinery which allows the operator to excavate areas of land quickly and efficiently.

They are typically under 2 tonnes in capacity - we have both 0.8T micro diggers for hire and 1.5T mini diggers for hire. These units are ride-on excavating machines with rubber tracks and they feature a pneumatic boom which is controlled via levers on a control panel.

A range of attachments can be fixed to a mini excavator boom, which allow the machine to perform a variety of tasks.

What is a mini digger / mini excavator used for?

A mini digger is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Due to their compact dimensions, they are generally used for small to medium-sized projects.

Bucket attachments are available in a range of sizes. Some buckets have teeth which allow for digging and excavating earth, and some come with a flat edge for scooping up, moving and dumping material such as gravel, sand and earth.

Pneumatic breaker attachments are also available, which can be used for demolishing work such as breaking up concrete and tarmac.

Mini excavators can be used for tasks such as digging trenches, installing underground cables and pipes, landscaping a garden, and moving sand, earth, debris and other materials into a dumper or skip. With a pneumatic breaker attachment, a mini excavator can be used for breaking up concrete floors, patios, roads, paths, driveways and more.

The advantages of using a mini digger / mini excavator

Due to their compact dimensions, mini diggers can access areas that other powered machinery can't. Many of these machines feature fold away roll bars and retractable tracks, so they can fit through standard sized doorways and garden gates. This allows them to be used in domestic gardens as well as industrial areas and building sites.

Mini excavators offer a much faster way of excavating large areas of land and moving large amounts of material than any manual method. They are not as complex to use as larger excavators and diggers; they feature simple lever controls, they are very manoeuvrable and have a very small working footprint.

Why hire a mini digger?

Mini diggers are extremely expensive pieces of equipment to buy - they generally cost between £15,000 - £20,000. Therefore hiring one allows individuals and companies to use a mini excavator at a much reduced cost.

Even if you regularly use one of these machines, hiring rather than buying is much better for cash flow and it means that you are not responsible for the maintenance and general upkeep costs associated with owning such a professional piece of machinery.

How much does it cost to book a mini digger hire?

The cost of hiring a mini digger varies on a case to case basis. It depends on the size of machine that you require, your location (due to transportation costs), insurance, the length of the hire, the type of buckets and attachments that you require, as well as (of course) the hire company that you use to hire the mini digger.

At National Tool Hire Shops, we are proud to offer mini digger hire all over the country, at extremely competitive rates. Even if you have never hired before, we aim to make the process as simple as possible. We can advise you on what you need, break down the costs, and even help you to get the insurance that you need. To get a competitive quote quickly and easily, take a look at our mini diggers for hire on our website and simply enquire with our friendly hire team online or over the phone.

How to book a mini digger hire

You can take a look at our 0.8T micro diggers and our 1.5T mini excavators on our website. To start the hire process, simply contact our friendly hire team via online live chat or over the telephone. They will take some basic information from you about the job you are doing and where you are working. They will be able to suggest one of our mini diggers / excavators and they will be able to give you a breakdown of the costs.

In order to book a hire, you will need Hired-In Plant Insurance. If you do not already hold this insurance, our hire team will be able to assist you in getting it.

Then, once you have the complete breakdown of the costs and an insurance quote, you can decide if you are happy to go ahead with the hire.

If you decide to book a mini digger hire with us, we will take a refundable deposit to cover damage or loss, copies of your ID and payment for the hire cost. Then the machine will be delivered to your site or home when you need it.

Once you have finished with the machine, we will collect it from you and you will be refunded the deposit.

For more information and advice on booking a mini digger hire, take a look at our website and give our friendly and knowledgeable hire team a call.