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How To Work Safely At A Height

7 Jul 2014

How to work safely at a height

There are obvious risks associated with working at a height. Falls can cause serious and even lethal injury, so its important to take appropriate precautions, and to use safe & reliable access equipment, to reduce the risk of injury whilst working at a height. With the right equipment and preparation, you can work with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you are working in a secure, supported environment.

Scaffold Access Towers

Simple to assemble and transport, scaffold access towers are ideal for working safely and comfortably at a height, whilst working on overhead installations, repairs, construction and more. These non corrosive, non-conductive towers are safe for repairing or installing electrical equipment, as well as providing support for many other jobs at a height. With either a 2.5 metre or 1.8 metre platform, these scaffold towers allow space for multiple workers and equipment, or they can be narrow enough for use when work space is limited. Access towers have colour coded bracing to assist quick and easy assembly, and the platforms are fitted with a wind lock to ensure extra stability and durability.

Safety toe boards, stabilisers and adjustable locking castors are also provided with an access tower kit, ensuring a convenient and practical solution to your access problems, without compromising safety and security.

Ensure that the tower is correctly assembled before using it. Also consider the safety equipment that will be needed for working at height, for example a safety harness. Consider using lightweight equipment and make sure that all equipment is secured whilst working at height, so nothing will fall on to someone below.

You should use a rope or pulley system to get any tools or equipment to the top of the tower, rather than trying to carry them up. Access towers should not be used in winds exceeding 17mph.

Ladders & Steps

For working at a lower level, and completing smaller tasks, extension ladders and step ladders may be more appropriate.

Compact, durable and easy to store, extension ladders and step ladders allow lower level access for smaller tasks such as painting, changing light bulbs and window cleaning.

When using an extension ladder, make sure that the ladder extension is properly locked into place and ensure that the ladder is set at a safe angle to the wall that it is leaning against - the rule of thumb is for every 4 up, the ladder should be 1 out. Make sure that you have somebody in place at the bottom of the ladder holding it safely whilst you're using it. Ladder safety feet can be used for providing support to the ladder. When using a step ladder, ensure that you open it fully and lock the braces into place. With all ladders, do not lean too far over to one side and do not over reach. Ensure you are wearing shoes with non slip soles whilst using a ladder, and move slowly and steadily up and down the ladder, do not rush.

Powered Access Equipment

For a more advanced solution to your low level access problems - scissor lifts and low level access platforms provide the safest, most reliable and secure access option.

A Pop Up Low Level Access Platform provides immediate low level access, only taking 8 seconds to reach full platform height. The Pop Up Tower can go anywhere within an indoor commercial or industrial environment, even through single doors, and it can fit in an average sized lift. Pop Up Towers provide a much safer and secure alternative to ladders and steps, and they have a wide range of special features that ensure a safe and simple solution to low level access.

The Pop Up Tower is designed to be fully stable with a safe working load of up to 240kg, and the fully extended platform height of 1.63m gives an average working height of 3.63m. Ideal for anyone working in an indoor low level environment - including electricians, painters and decorators, air con installers and general handymen.

We also have a whole range of other powered low level access products available for hire - each is ideal for different environments and different jobs. Just call our Hire Team on 0800 808 9600 for more information!

How we can help

We have a fantastic range of safe, secure and reliable access equipment for hire – available nationwide, at extremely competitive rates. You can collect from your nearest hire store, or we can deliver right to your door! For more information on our range of access equipment – from scaffold towers to ladders, powered access equipment and more - take a look at the access hire section of our website. Call our hire team for any enquiries or to book a hire over the phone!