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How To Remove Woodchip Wallpaper

How To Remove Woodchip Wallpaper 16 Feb 2016

Removing woodchip wallpaper from your walls can be notoriously difficult. However, with the right equipment, know-how and a bit of elbow grease, you can make the job of removing woodchip wallpaper from the walls in your home much easier.

Firstly, you will need a steam wallpaper stripper (240v for domestic electricity supply), a wallpaper perforator, a wallpaper scraper and some dust sheets before you can begin to remove woodchip wallpaper. (We also have 110v steam wallpaper strippers, for use on site).

To begin, lay the dust sheets down in front of the wall that you are going to work on. These will protect your floor / carpets and collect the woodchip wallpaper that you scrape away, making the clean-up job much easier afterwards.

Next, you will need the wallpaper perforator. Wallpaper perforators (sometimes referred to as ‘hedgehogs’) are essentially handheld rollers will a number of spikes. Placing the roller on the woodchip wallpaper and applying a little pressure, roll the wallpaper perforator over the woodchip wallpaper. Do this over the entire area, a few times. The wallpaper perforator will make hundreds of little holes in the woodchip wallpaper. Once you begin using the wallpaper steamer, these holes will allow the steam to penetrate the wallpaper, to loosen the adhesive against the wall and make the job of removing woodchip wallpaper a lot simpler.

Once you have completed perforating the woodchip wallpaper, you can start using the steamer and scraper to remove the woodchip wallpaper from the wall.

Turn on the steam wallpaper stripper and, once it is ready to use, hold the steamer pad against an area of the wall for a few seconds with one hand. Remove the steamer pad from the wall and steam a section of the wallpaper next to the section you just steamed. Then, holding the wallpaper scraper in your other hand, begin scraping at the woodchip wallpaper in short and fast movements, to get beneath the wallpaper. Once you have managed to scrape under the wallpaper, you should be able to scrape upwards, to remove a strip of the woodchip wallpaper.

Then, it is just a process of repetition – applying the wallpaper steamer to areas of the woodchip wallpaper and then scraping away at the wallpaper to lift strips away at a time.

Please take care whilst using the steam wallpaper stripper to remove woodchip wallpaper. Keep your hands and body away from the steam coming out of the steamer, in order to avoid burning yourself on the hot steam. Also take care not to hold the wallpaper stripper down against an area of the wall for too long, as if you over-saturate an area with steam, it can start to affect the plaster behind the wallpaper adhesive.

Removing woodchip wallpaper does take time and it can make a mess, but using a wallpaper perforator, wallpaper steamer and wallpaper scraper helps to make the job a lot simpler and less time consuming than it otherwise would take using just warm soapy water, a sponge and a scraper.

Wallpaper Stripper Hire

We have steam wallpaper strippers available for hire nationwide. We have both 240v models for home use and 110v models for site use. You can book a wallpaper stripper hire online or over the phone with our hire team and then either collect the machine from your local collection point at the start of the hire or we can deliver it to you.