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How To Remove a Fence Post

How To Remove a Fence Post 26 Jan 2017

Removing a fence post from the ground used to involved lots of digging and hard work. It was not an efficient or easy job to complete.

With our new easy to use fence post puller products anyone can now remove a fence post from the ground quickly, easily and effortlessly.

Our fence post pullers for hire are specifically designed to take the hard work out of removing fence posts of all shapes and sizes from the ground. Our fence post pullers can be used in a home garden or in public spaces such as parks and woods. These fence post pullers can extract posts in a matter of minutes, even if they have a heavy concrete footing.

Our fence post pullers are very easy to operate. Simply wheel the fence post puller into position and use its chains to attach the fence post to the fence post puller. Then crank the hydraulic lever repeatedly to begin the pulling process. As you crank the lever, 4 tonnes of pressure is applied to the fence post to lift it effortlessly from the earth. Once the fence post and its concrete footing have been lifted out of the ground, you can use the fence post puller to wheel the fence post away from the area.

For more information on how our fence post pullers for hire can be used to remove fence posts, give our Hire Team a call or enquire online.

Our fence post pullers are available for hire nationwide. Simply book a fence post puller hire online or over the phone and collect it from your nearest store, or we can deliver it to your door or site.