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Blog: How To Paint Your Garden Fences

12 Jun 2017

How To Paint Your Garden Fence

With summer just around the corner, you’ll want to spend that little bit more extra time in and around your garden, entertaining friends, tending to flower beds or just generally relaxing. But why compromise on the look and privacy of your garden?

Keeping your garden fences painted is vital in keeping them well maintained, protected from harsh weather and looking the part. This helpful guide is designed to assist you from start to finish, and also give information on the best tools for the job of painting your garden fences with a paint sprayer

Pick Your Paint

Different paints and stains give different finishes and offer various levels of protection. It is important to choose your paint perfectly to suit the desired look and requirements of your fences.

Once your paint is chosen, you need to make sure that it is at the correct consistency for use. If the paint is too thick, it may spoil the finish and if the paint is too thin, it could lead to running and an uneven coat. It is also important to ensure the paint is well stirred to ensure that the pigments and binding ingredients are well mixed.

Why not hire one of our power stirrers to help you with the job? 

Prepare Your Area

Before you start applying the new coats of paint or stain, it is important to remove any rough edges or previous finishes from the fences. Covering these up without removal will result in an uneven finish, so make sure to thoroughly sand the fences.

It’s also important to prepare the area around the fences as well to prevent overspill or the paint being blown onto other surfaces during application. This can be achieved with dust sheets and/or by moving furniture or objects out of the way until the job is done.

It’s always a good idea to take safety precautions before undertaking any kind of DIY, so it’s highly recommended to observe all the safety advice on any products or materials you use. 

Let’s Get Painting!

For an even, consistent and professional coating for your fences, we recommend using an airless spray unit. This can offer power and performance, while also giving the operator complete control for the ultimate in painting convenience and efficiency. We have airless spray units available for hire nationwide and at highly competitive prices here.

Using a sweeping back and forth motion, even coat the fences with the paint making sure not to get too close to the surface or else the paint will run. Continue to do so until the entire fence panel is completely covered. Depending on the fence, and the paint or stain used, multiple coats may be required and it is essential to allow each coat time to dry before going back over them again to get the best finish possible. 


Designed to help you with tasks at home, at work or in the garden, why not take a look at our other blogs and guides? You can also view our full range of products for hire here.

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