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How To Make Your Garden Look Beautiful

25 Mar 2013

Your garden should be a perfect piece of paradise for you to spend those long summer nights in with family and friends. Using our tips and advice you can get your garden looking neat & tidy, to become a much more appealing place to spend time.

Hedge Trimming

When trimmed with precision and accuracy, tidy hedges will make a big improvement to the look of your garden. Hedge trimmers are a fantastic piece of gardening equipment. They are a lot quicker to use and less arduous than manual sheers, giving you more time to relax in your little piece of paradise.

We have hedge trimmers available for hire nationwide. We also have long reach hedge trimmers, to reach the tops of high hedges from the safety of the ground.

Whilst using hedge trimmers, make sure you have a tight grip with both hands. Ensure that you can see what you're doing at all times, but that you are out out of the way of the blades and any falling debris.

Work from the bottom of the hedge upwards, smoothly sweeping the blades over the hedge in a consistent, fluid motion. Cut away from yourself so that the cuttings fall away from you. Don’t let the blades hit anything solid, such as a tree trunk, or the ground, as this could damage the blades.

Whilst operating the hedge trimmers, you should wear goggles, gloves, ear defenders (for petrol hedge trimmers) and even a helmet if the hedge is particularly bulky. If you're using electric hedge trimmers, be careful not to cut through the power cable. Never over reach with hedge trimmers. If you can't reach the top of the hedge you can use long handled trimmers.

Lawn Mowing

Before mowing the lawn, you should clear all obstacles and remove any leaves with a leaf blower or a rake.

Firstly, you need to set the lawn mower to a high cut setting and begin mowing the lawn in straight strips, overlapping slightly on each pass with the strip that you mowed previously.

Once you've mown the entire lawn at the high cutting height, reduce the cutting height of the blades and mow again. This process should be repeated until you get the cut height that you want. You should not cut the lawn short straight away, as this will shock the grass and it will not give you the perfect lawn finish you are looking for. It is advisable not cut below 3/4”, to avoid scalping the lawn.

When mowing over slopes, mow across the slope rather than up and down.

Finally, tidy up any borders with a pair of lawn edging shears.

For more information on lawn care, see our blog post on Top Lawn Care Tips.

Patio Cleaning

If you have a patio area it can be the main focal point of your garden, so it is important to keep this clean and tidy, to give you the most inviting place to spend summer evenings in the garden. Using a pressure washer you can clean your patio quickly and easily. With a patio cleaning attachment, it becomes an even more efficient and time saving way to prepare your patio for summer.

Before pressure washing the patio, clear the area of all furniture, plant pots and toys etc. Thoroughly sweep the surface to clear any foliage and dirt.

Next, remove any weeds from cracks between the paving slabs, and fill in the cracks with mortar. You will be surprised how much this alone improves the look of your patio. If there are any lose or cracked slabs, you should chip away at the lose mortar with a chisel, remove the slab, and then replace it with a new slab, or re-seat the current slab on a fresh bed of mortar.

Now it is time for the pressure washer. Clean the dirty surface, preferably using a patio cleaning attachment. The high pressured water jet of water will lift ground in dirt and grime from the patio, leaving you with a patio that looks brand new.

Finally, allow the patio to dry and put the furniture back on the patio, you could also add some decorative plants and flowers to make it look even more inviting, though be careful not to clutter the patio.