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How To Drain Water From A Garden Pond

17 Nov 2015

If you need to drain your pond for repair or maintenance, or for moving fish during harsh winter months, the quickest and most efficient way to empty the water from the pond is with a submersible pump.

Submersible pumps can be set up quickly and easily, and they can remove the pond water in no time at all. You simply need a submersible pump, a power source, and some hose. Connect the hose to the pump and place the pump in the deepest part of the pond. This is because the water in the pond will naturally flow into the deepest part, so the best way to remove the water efficiently is to place the pump there.

Once you have turned the pump on, you can leave it to work. The pump will suck the pond water up through its system and through the hose. You can direct the hose to empty the water into a drain, or you can direct it into your garden – as the nutrients contained within the water will be great for your lawn! (As long as the pond water hasn’t been loaded with chemicals).

Submersible pumps are designed with grill guards which prevent foliage, debris and waste from getting into the pump, so this may need to be cleared occasionally to keep the pump working effectively.

The submersible pump that you need will be determined by the amount of water that you need to remove from the pond. We have a range of different sizes of submersible pumps for hire nationwide. If you are unsure which pump is best for you, just give our Hire Team a call – they will be happy to help!