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How To Clear Space In Your Garden

18 Jul 2017

With garden waste bin collection not being as regular as you may need it, or long and dirty trips to the tip being an unwanted hassle, there are many other ways of disposing of your branches, leaves and cuttings that are easy, effective and in some cases save you money! 

1.       Breakdown As You Go

To make disposal or breaking down of things you want to clear is instantly made easier by making the cuttings more compact in the first place. For example, you can remove a stump manually in one large piece; however, this makes the job of getting rid of it that bit more difficult. When it comes to larger brambles, brush or nettles using a strimmer can break these down effectively and efficiently.

Using specialist tools can certainly assist in this. Using the stump as an example, employing a stump grinder to chip away at a stump results in much more manageable waste that can be disposed of or repurposed far more easily than if it is removed whole.

This can also be the case for larger tree limbs and branches. You can effectively cut down an entire tree limb with a chainsaw, however cutting smaller branches off it first makes disposal far easier. This can even be done prior to the limb being removed, using a telescopic pole saw or using professional step ladders to get up to height. 

2.       Use A Chipper Or Shredder

Perhaps the most obvious choice, particularly for garden waste from trees and bushes is to enlist the help of a specialist wood chipper or garden shredder. These use a combination of rotating rollers and blades that draw in waste that is fed in, shredding it into smaller pieces that can then be disposed of easily or repurposed accordingly. We stock heavy-duty shredders and chippers for hire, including trailer mounted versions that are available for collection or delivery nationwide

3.       What To Do With The Waste

Mulching or composting are common ways of repurposing some garden waste, particularly material that is easily broken down. Leaves are particularly quick to break down, and if you use a leaf blower to collect fallen leaves then these are simple to gather as well. The benefits of mulching and composting is a more nutrient rich base for plants to grow in as well as promoting good drainage and a more natural alternative to chemical infused fertilisers. 

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