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Gardening Jobs To Do In September

Gardening Jobs To Do In September 5 Sep 2017

Look After Those Leaves

As the weather gets cooler, the leaves will no doubt start to fall from trees and it can begin to get a bit of a nuisance particularly if conditions start to get breezy speeding the process up. You can speed up the process of gathering these up by using a leaf blower, or you can help reduce this in the first instance if you remove a few branches and limbs that are overhanging with a telescopic pole saw. Leaves can be disposed of via compost heaps or through mulching, whereas the larger branches and limbs can be chipped down using a heavy-duty garden shredder.

If you have a pond, placing a net over the top can help prevent leaves from covering the water surface. This is important, particularly if you have any fish or pond plants in there, as the covering can affect their survival. If you wanted to start again with your pond by refilling it, why not check out our blog explaining the how to drain water from your pond

Pick and Prepare Your Patch

If you’ve had fruit and vegetables planted over the summer, bringing in the harvest can be one of the most rewarding times of the year as you reap the rewards of your hard work. Special priority should be given to autumn raspberries as they will be approaching peak ripeness, and also to potatoes that will begin to get targeted more harshly by slugs as the month goes on.

Once you’ve done that, or if you’re intending on starting something new next year by growing your own fruit and veg, you can begin to prepare. You can check out our blog on how to build and install raised beds in your garden for more information on this, or you can use a rotavator to turn over the soil ready for next year. You can even start to plant spring flowering bulbs early. 

Keep Your Greenhouse Green

If you’ve got a greenhouse, growing house, orangery or other indoor areas where you grow plants or just spend time – it’s vital to get prepared for the cooler months now more than ever.

Cleaning the glass is important to keep the optimum amount of light flowing in and growing conditions at their best. If you hire a conservatory ladder you can reach these upper/roof areas to clean glass manually, or for blasting dirt and grime away you can use a pressure washer

Lay a Lawn

Autumn weather is favorable for lawn growing conditions. You can take up old turf using a turf cutter and turn over soil ready for relaying with a rotavator. If the grass is already in reasonable condition, utilize a lawn aerator to loosen off the compacted soil and to promote good drainage and maintenance over the autumn and winter months. Or, if you’ve decided that this summer of consistent lawn care will be your last, why not install artificial turf instead

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