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Gardening Jobs To Do In October

Gardening Jobs To Do In October 29 Sep 2017

Fight The First Freeze

October can often throw up the early signs of winter, including the potential for colder evenings and maybe even some frost. Protecting half-hardy plants during this time is vital, and can be done so either by covering up with sheeting or fleece or, if they’re in pots, you can bring them into greenhouses or orangeries. Lifting larger planters and pots may be difficult, and assistance from a skate, trolley or truck may be suitable. With the British weather becoming more and more unpredictable, we might even see a much colder snap. Why not hire a small space heater to protect all your hard work, or if you’re in a more commercial horticultural surrounding, you can get a more heavy-duty heater on flexible hire. Alternatively, you can visit our partner site, National Heater Shops if you're interested in purchasing one at a fantastic price. 

Clearing Cuttings and Losing Leaves

October is an ideal time to cut back plants like climbing roses, perennials and overhanging plants. For trees, bushes and hedges that are difficult to reach you can use a telescopic hedge trimmer or chainsaw to access them, or alternatively use a ladder or set of steps to improve your range – but remember to be careful! You can dispose of these using a heavy-duty garden chipper, with the chippings being great for mulching and composting over the winter months. You may have experienced some autumn gales which has resulted in leaves and debris from nearby trees and bushes. It’s important to collect these because it can cover up plants that need sunlight to grow as well as the increased rainfall in the autumn months causing an increased decomposition rate, causing even more mess.  Why not use a leaf blower to make light work of the job? Harvesting late fruit and vegetables should also start coming to an end in October. 

Prepare For Planting!

A lot of people will see October as the beginning of downtime for growing in your garden – but that certainly isn’t the case. Planting hedges is one such job that suits October down to the ground. Preparing the ground couldn’t be easier using a rotavator to break up the ground ready for planting. You can also re-plant summer containers that are looking past their best with some winter bedding plants. Some of the best flowers and plants to lay down in October include clematis, winter pansies and primulas which will really make your garden pop when they flower. If you’re looking at reinventing your garden for the next planting season, why not take a look at our guide detailing how to build and install raised beds. Likewise, October spells one of the last chances to either relay your lawn, install an alternative (such as artificial grass) or improve drainage for over the winter using a lawn aerator

Get Ready For The Clocks To Change

Remember that daylight saving time ends in October, with the clocks going back one hour at the end of the month. Whilst it can be a harsh reminder that summer is long gone, there are ways that you can still enjoy your garden on dark and cold autumn nights. A patio heater provides a comfortable and inviting source of heat in outdoor areas such as patios, decking and gardens. Using a gas patio heater, you can sit out in your garden comfortably well into autumn. Patio heaters not only provide effective outdoor heating, but they also act as interesting features in gardens - as there are a range of interesting designs available. A patio heater allows you to combat the cold in your garden during colder months, whilst investing in quality outdoor lighting helps to alleviate the early darkness once the clocks have gone back. You can use a combination of wall lights, post & bollard lights, recessed ground lights, garden spotlights or portable garden lights to provide an inviting source of illumination in your garden. Combining outdoor lighting and outdoor heating, you can continue to enjoy your garden long after the end of summer.

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