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Gardening Jobs To Do In November

Gardening Jobs To Do In November 30 Oct 2017

Don’t Leave Those Leaves

It might be starting to get a bit like a broken record – but did you know that an oak tree can house anything between 200,000 to 500,000 leaves on it in a single year? Not only that, but it can take several weeks before they all fall off. It might feel like a tedious job, but keeping your garden, ponds, patios and paths clear of leaves is vital to keep things neat, tidy and healthy.

Leaves landing in ponds will begin to decompose and can begin to starve aquatic plants or fish of sunlight and oxygen. If you completely rejuvenate your pond, why not take a look at our guide detailing how to drain your pond?

As for paths and patios, leaving leaves lying for extended periods can lead to them becoming dirty or stained. Why not hire a leaf blower to make the job that bit easier? If you’ve already experienced some unwanted staining or grime on wood decking, you may want to use a pressure washer to blast it away. If it’s too far gone, then sanding using a sander and edging package may be the best option to return it back to its former glory. 

Show Your Lawn Some Love

Aerating your lawn before winter sets in is an absolute must. This helps improve drainage in anticipation of inevitable heavy rain. Using a garden fork can do the job on smaller plots however one of the most efficient means of doing so is by using a special lawn aerator machine.

Grass growth is typically less around this time of year compared to the summer months, but it doesn’t stop altogether. Raising your lawn mower grass cutting height is advisable, as keeping your grass too short is not recommended while the weather gets more uncertain. Edging your lawn using a garden strimmer can also reduce maintenance down as the months go on and give a much cleaner look. 

Plant – But Prepare Your Pots

It’s not too late to begin to plant in preparation for next year, particularly if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid the frost thus far. Using a rotavator or ground tiller to break the ground up will make the job that much easier ready for planting hardy bulbs and plants ready for spring. Why not check out one of our previous blogs detailing how to build and install raised beds? As for your current plants, to avoid the increasingly chilly climes, it’s advisable to move them indoors or at least cover them up to protect them. For transporting larger planters and pots, a truck or skate may be required. For particularly cold periods, or for larger scale horticulture and agriculture why not hire or purchase a space heater?

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