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Blog: Gardening Jobs To Do In March

19 Mar 2018

March is when spring really starts to kick in. Now is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for summer; repairing the damage of winter and preparing the lawn for the (hopefully!) beautiful months ahead.

Putting the work in now will pay dividends in the summer, when your lawn will reap the benefits of some TLC to grow healthily, fully and beautifully.

Scarifying the lawn

Scarifying is probably the most underrated job in lawn care. During the cold and wet winter months moisture collects on the surface of the lawn and moss begins to take hold. This makes the lawn a tough place for young grass to survive.

lawn scarifier uses blades to rake the lawn and tease out dead grass, moss and thatch. This allows air, water and sunlight to reach the soil surface, creating the ideal conditions for grass plants to grow strongly once more. Once the moss and thatch has been removed there is no rival organic matter to steal the key nutrients and water away from the grass!

Scarifiying your lawn with a high quality lawn scarifier is a very simple procedure. Use the lawn scarifier just as you would a lawn mower - walking along with the machine in straight lines to cover the lawn in straight strips. For best results, use the scarifier over the lawn twice, working lengthways on the first run and width ways on the second run. For small areas you can use an electric lawn scarifier to scarify the lawn. For larger jobs and for a more professional finish, a petrol lawn scarifier is recommended.

Reseeding & feeding the lawn

After you have scarified your lawn, you will need to re-seed any bare areas that have been created and ‘overseed' the entire lawn to encourage thicker grass growth.

Scarifying your lawn will leave a wonderful seed bed, which will encourage both germination and establishment of the seed in the ground. Spread grass seed on any bare areas and cover the whole lawn in a generous sprinkle of grass seed to 'overseed' the area.

Once you have completed the overseeding, keep the soil moist with regular light applications of water - though you must not saturate the soil. Keep traffic over the lawn to a minimum to give the seed a chance to grow and you can even cover areas of the lawn with a mesh to prevent birds stealing the seed.

Next, give your whole lawn a spring feed. Feeding your lawn with a lawn fertiliser gives it the key nutrients that the grass needs to grow and thrive. Grass will grow greener, thicker and stronger. A well fertilised lawn is much more robust and better equipped to compete with weeds, moss and weather-related stresses.

Follow up the initial lawn feed with a second feed six weeks later to give the lawn the best start to the summer!

Lawn Scarifier Hire

To find out more about our range of lawn scarifiers for hire and other gardening equipment for hire to get your lawn in shape this spring, take a look at our website and give our hire team a call! You can book a hire online or over the phone and then either collect the machine frmo your local collection point at the start of the hire period or we can deliver it to you.

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