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Gardening Jobs to do in June

1 Jun 2018

After no doubt making the best of the Gardening Jobs To Do In May, your garden should be bursting with life and beginning to look like a summer paradise. Compared to July, June does have a slightly higher average rainfall but still sees more sunshine than May making it one of the lushest times of the year for plants and wildlife. Here is a list of jobs to keep your garden looking its best this June. 

Bed Those Summer Beauties

Now that the last of the frost has passed, transferring any remaining summer bedding plants into your garden is a must including any hanging baskets, containers and planters – this way you’ll certainly get the best out of them and they are likely to last well.

Contrary to popular belief it isn’t too late to do some more dramatic garden work like creating flower beds or installing artificial turf, so long as the ground is watered thoroughly before hand rotavators and turf cutters can still make light work of these kinds of preparation jobs. 

Watch Your Water

In these summer months, average rainfall is significantly down compared to the autumn, spring and winter periods and as such you should be mindful of the amount of water you are using in your garden.  Sometimes, even when it’s not even that hot, drought can often hit anywhere including (miraculously) the UK!

Light watering during the day will do little to help thirst plants, as this mainly just encourages the surface and is unlikely to penetrate down to the roots. Try to focus on plants that are particularly struggling or need more consistent watering, and another tip is to water in the evenings or mornings to prevent evaporation and increase absorption.

For storage, we also stock various sizes of portable water bowsers, perfect for keeping your stock levels high in your garden or on the move. 

Lop Those Lanky Lawns

Given the time of year, June is one of the best times of the year for growing plants, particularly grass which by this time will be looking lush. Mowing your lawn, sometimes up to once a week, doesn’t just keep things in check looks-wise, but also promotes good health for when the weather starts taking a turn for the worse and growth conditions aren’t as good.

For particularly unruly patches and borders, a strimmer may be the perfect tool to cut these back to uniformity. We also stock a great range of lawn care equipment including lawn scarifiers and mowers to get a thoroughly professional result! 


To find out more about our extensive range of garden care equipment, to book hire or to get a highly competitive quote, you can speak to our hire team today. You can also check out some of our previous tool hire blogs, with helpful tips and hints on everything from The Best Way To Clean A Garden Patio to How To Install Artificial Grass.