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Gardening Jobs To Do In July

Gardening Jobs To Do In July 2 Jul 2018

Gardening Jobs to do in July

As far as the British seasons go at least, your summer so far has either been a sunny dream or a washout! Either way, leaving your garden to the elements at this time of year (no matter what they may be) isn’t an option if you want it looking its best! You guessed it – we’re looking at some of the best gardening jobs to do this July.

Summer Sowing

Carrots, beetroot, French beans, lettuce, and radishes are just some of the vegetables you can still sow at this typically warm time of year. Although breaking up the earth to plant then is likely to be that bit harder than in the spring and winter months due to the lower average rainfall, you will find that given the right soil and weather conditions you’ll be looking at a bumper crop when it comes to the end of the season.

If you wanted to create new vegetable plots or beds in your garden, perhaps getting rid of a small piece of lawn is the way to do it. Why not hire one of our turf cutters to help with the job? As for tilling the earth, we stock light, medium and heavy duty rotavator/tillers that make light work of even the toughest of gardening tasks.

Love Your Lawn

As mentioned in previous gardening blogs, cutting your grass to the right levels and at the right time is crucial for healthy lawn growth and lush looking turf. When it comes to mowing grass, the easiest way of ensuring a consistent and professional looking lawn is using the best quality equipment. Our range of petrol rotary mowers have easily adjustable blade height and exceptional cutting power.

For gardens that are becoming a bit overgrown, we also stock two-stroke strimmers and four-stroke brush cutters that are perfect for reducing down brush, scrub, and particularly long grass. 

Protect That Pond

The last thing you want, particularly in the heat, is a stagnating pond with decomposing organic material in it, however, so keeping a good supply of oxygen producing plants in the water is crucial.

Therefore it’s important to keep an eye out for yellowing leaves of water-based plants and removing them accordingly to keep the water well maintained, clear and if desired, perfect for pond life. Don’t remove too many though, as a good covering of leaves over the water can help prevent evaporation and water loss during hot weather.

If your pond is too far gone and is in need of a bit more TLC, the best option may be to drain it of water using a submersible pump, clean it out using a pressure washer and start again. Take a look at our previous blog about draining the water from your pond and the best tools to do so. 

Watch Your Watering

In times of extreme heat, usually in July or August time in the UK, there may be a water shortage or hosepipe ban. Unfortunately, because of the hot weather, grass, plants, flowers and vegetables may struggle from the lack of a natural source of water. Utilizing a water butt, or water bowser may be the answer for this. Not only do they safely store water for use with hosepipes and pressure washers either when a hosepipe ban is in effect or if you need a portable and efficient water source.

To find out more about our extensive range of garden care equipment, to book hire or to get a highly competitive quote, you can speak to our hire team today. You can also check out some of our previous tool hire blogs, with helpful tips and hints on everything from How to Trim Your Garden Hedges to How to Remove Woodchip Wallpaper.