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Gardening Jobs For December

Gardening Jobs To Do In December 31 Dec 2021

Harvest and Heat

Autumn root vegetables such as leeks, parsnips, winter cabbage will be coming to the very end of their season by now, and if you’ve not already done so, you should be looking at harvesting these at the earliest possible opportunity. If you’re keen on growing your own vegetables next year, why not check out our handy guide on how to build and install your own raised beds? Transplanting of trees and bushes is still possible even at this late stage of the year, why not prepare the plot you’re moving it to with a rotavator?

Heating is a vital part of keeping plants alive during the winter months, whether this is in the form of coverings or whether it be within a greenhouse environment. We both hire and sell heaters that are suitable for greenhouses, orangeries and conservatories so why not check them out? If you're concerned about the heavy rains, or even snow, that sometimes come thick and fast at this time of year affecting your lawn, why not use a lawn aerator to help aid drainage and promote good grass health. 

Pruning and Pest Protection

Pruning trees and getting cuttings is a great way to encourage the next generation of growth, both for the balance of the tree itself as well as any fruit it may bare next season. Bleeding sap can occur in the winter months if you wait too long to do this, which is bad for the trees. General trimming back and removal of limbs that may be getting too big is also an easy and effective thing to do in December, as it will have the winter months to recover and remain dormant before new growth can begin in the spring. You can use a hedge trimmer for any slightly overgrown hedgerows, which can also encourage new buds to grow next year

Why not use a telescopic chainsaw to help with those harder to reach branches? Alternatively, you can hire a ladder and a reciprocating saw to assist – but be careful! With the waste, you can either chip these using a garden shredder or wood chipper, which can make great material for composting or mulching depending on the kind of material you are chipping. Alternatively, it can be thrown away or burned using a garden incinerator – find out how to make your own here.

Winter is also the time of year where pests, especially rodents such as mice and rats, are searching for somewhere warm and safe to hunker down during the colder months. You can find out some of the ways to protect and prevent this in and around your property.

We’re Here To Help

We don’t just deal in gardens. We have 100’s of products available to hire nationwide for both private and trade hire, from carpet cleaners to plate compactors and from lifting to lighting – we’ve got you covered! You can book online or call our friendly experts on the hire team for more information!