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Gardening Jobs To Do In August

Gardening Jobs To Do In August 2 Aug 2018

What better time to spend some long, summer days in the garden than August? But as we sadly approach the end of the sun heading into September and Autumn, you’ll want to get two steps ahead and have your garden looking its best. 

Water Well, But Be Wary!

At this time of year, watering plants may be second nature to both avid and passive gardeners alike; however, it is easy to forget a number of key points when it comes to this seemingly basic chore.

Hanging baskets, planters and pots in conservatories can often be forgotten when it comes to watering, stunting their growth, flowering length or even killing them altogether if left too long!

Patio containers can also be left out, and while you’re at it why not utilise water in another way by blasting the dirt and grime from your patio or decking using a pressure washer or specialist patio cleaning machine?

You also need to be careful about localized or national hosepipe bans. To ensure you have a consistent and reliable source of water, investing in a water butt or bowser for hire may well be the answer during the warmer summer months. 

Deadhead Your Flowerbed and Tame That Turf!

Regularly removing the dead-heads on flowers will stimulate replacement buds and flowers to sprout in its place, promoting a longer season life for the plant and overall good continued health. You can also take cuttings to get ready for the planting next year.

This isn’t the only cutting back you may need to do if brush, grass and weeds have flourished during the summer period then a rotary lawn mower will leave your lawn looking lush and professional. For anything too long for a mower, or to effectively trim edges, why not hire a brush cutter or strimmer to take care of it? This not only improves the overall look of your garden but helps to spread seeds for continued growth and good garden health. For removing brush and thatch from your grass, a scarifier is the tool for getting the job done far quicker than manually. 

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