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Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning 6 Nov 2015

We pride ourselves on providing a range of high quality, environmentally friendly probiotic carpet cleaning products. Our carpet cleaning machines use nothing more than some warm water, a vacuum and environmentally-friendly microbial carpet cleaning solution to remove the dirt, stains, bacteria and allergens from your carpets, to get them looking and feeling like new.

The way we operate is underpinned by sound environmental principles – our carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning solutions are safe, innovative and high quality products, supplied at the best possible value.

Everybody knows about the harmful impact that conventional cleaning chemicals can do to our environment. Such chemicals can cause harm to children, animals, the wider environment, and your carpets and upholstery.

Our carpet shampoos are not made with these harmful chemicals and bleaching agents. Our carpet shampoos are made in the UK and utilise the cleaning power of microbes that have been selected from naturally sustainable sources. These microbes feed on organic matter such as dust mite faeces, food crumbs, as well as urine crystals from pets or children, to clean right through to the source - unlike some traditional chemical based products. As a result, our microbial cleaning solutions not only thoroughly clean but deodorise the carpet.

Particularly tough stains, such as food or drink, should be treated with a spot stain remover before you begin carpet cleaning. This pre-treatment will help the carpet cleaning machine to dislodge and remove these particular stains.

Any urine stains on your carpets should be pre-treated before carpet cleaning, as tackling them with water straight away can just help to spread the stain further throughout the carpet.

For homes with pets, you can use specially formulated pet guard carpet cleaning shampoo, as this is designed specifically for dealing with the stains, smells and bacteria which pets can leave behind in carpets.

Hiring a carpet cleaner is a safe and environmentally-friendly way of cleaning your carpets. The carpet cleaner will remove the deep seated dirt and stains, as well as harmful allergens and bacteria. Your carpets will look like new, and you will be shocked at the colour of the dirty water that is deposited into the dirty water tank – even if your carpets look clean on the surface.

Hiring a carpet cleaning machine also provides excellent value for money, as we have some of the best hire rates around! To find out more, take a look at our website or call our Hire Team!