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How To Clean A Conservatory Roof Safely & Simply

5 Aug 2013

If you've had a conservatory for a number of years, you'll know how difficult it can be to clean and maintain. Conservatory roof panels can quickly turn a dull shade of green, the PVC ridge, tie bars and end caps can become dirty and gutters can clog up with leaves and moss.


Conservatories can therefore start to look a bit of an eyesore unless properly cleaned and maintained. The main issue with conservatory cleaning is access. It can be very difficult to gain access to a conservatory roof, without risking your safety or damaging the conservatory.


It's extremely important to have a safe and secure means of access to conservatory roofs. This is why we now hire out a fantastic range of conservatory roof ladders - specifically designed for providing safe access to conservatory roofs for cleaning, maintenance and repair.


Our brand new range of conservatory roof ladders are lightweight aluminium ladders, extremely quick and easy to assemble. Our conservatory roof ladders are even suitable for all roof configurations.


The roof ladders are designed to be extremely safe - featuring an adjustable foot stabiliser, so they can be used even on uneven ground. The ladders can be adjusted for height and slope, and their suction cup and strap safety feature allows them to be secured to the conservatory easily.


The upper ladder section which allows access on to the roof features a purpose designed kneeler, incorporating a tool tray and bucket recess, allowing you to comfortably kneel on the ladder, gain safe access to the roof and complete your work with confidence.


Our conservatory roof ladders are simply designed to help you clean, maintain and repair your conservatory easily, without having to mess around with unsafe ladders, or overreach from afar with unsuitable cleaning and repair equipment.


For more information on our conservatory roof ladders and how to arrange a hire, take a look at at our website or give our hire team a call. You can book a conservatory roof ladder hire online or over the phone with our hire team and then either collect them from your nearest collection point at the start of the hire (if you have suitable transport) or we can deliver them to you.