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Blog: Autumn Lawn Care Guide

19 Sep 2016

Autumn is a key time for lawn care. Getting your lawn in shape during the early autumn months, using proper lawn care practices, lays the perfect foundation for the following spring; your lawn will be in the best shape to flourish during the growing season.

Keep your lawn clear

Your lawn can really use all the sun it can get in the early autumn months, before the short cold days of winter arrive. To ensure your entire lawn gets as much sunlight as possible, remove any obstructions such as outdoor furniture and children’s toys from the lawn.

Rake the lawn regularly to remove any debris and leaves which may have fallen on to the lawn. This will help to prevent the lawn from ‘yellowing’ due to lack of sunlight and prevent waterlogging.

Deal with weeds and moss

Weeds and moss take up space which would otherwise be filled by beautiful green grass and starve the area around them of the vital nutrients in the soil. For a full, beautiful grass lawn, removing weeds and moss is vital.

Remove large weeds from your lawn with a trowel or small garden fork and treat any mossy areas with a specialist moss product.

Then scarify your lawn. Scarifying your lawn removes moss, thatch and other organic matter which does not belong in a beautiful grass lawn. This will help to make your lawn much richer and healthier, rejuvenating the grass and encouraging thicker growth. A manual or electric scarifier would suffice for a small garden. For a larger lawn, a more powerful petrol scarifier is ideal.

For more advice on scarifying your lawn, take a look at our blog, How To Use A Lawn Scarifier

Aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn using a lawn hollow tiner or 'aerator' improves drainage and allows key nutrients and air into the soil. A hollow tiner machine punches hollow tines into the ground which remove cores of soil from the lawn. These cores should then be raked up and collected to keep your lawn clear, level and beautiful. Autumn is the ideal time for aerating your lawn because the grass is still growing and the weather is not too dry, so the lawn has the chance to recover.

For more advice on aerating your lawn, take a look at our blog, How To Aerate Your Lawn.

Seed and feed your lawn

Then,’overseed’ your lawn by spreading grass seed over the entire lawn, giving special attention to bare areas caused by scarifying.

Finally, feed your lawn with a high quality autumn fertiliser - low in nitrogen and high in potash. This will help to strengthen your lawn and toughen it up for the harsh winter months.

Autumn fertiliser can be applied any time from September to mid-November - when the weather is fair, the soil is moist and the grass is dry and frost-free. As these are the perfect conditions for your lawn to recover following the quite harsh processes of aeration and scarifying.

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