Drieaze Dehumidifier 1800 for Hire

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This extremely compact and convenient Drieaze dehumidifier 1800 unit provides fast and efficient dehumidification. Ideal for the trained restoration professional, this unit drastically reduces the risks of developing damp, mould and fungi in a building. The practical design makes it ideal for use in all kinds of environments – in the office, retail, and leisure facilities to provide a healthier environment. Humid environments also encourage pests such as moths, fleas and dust mites to thrive, and can cause people much discomfort, by disrupting sleeping patterns and causing excessive sweating. Despite its compact design, this Drieaze dehumidifier 1800 unit will pump 63 litres of water per day - up to 12m away, including 5m uphill. These dehumidifiers operate by drawing the air from the room over a filter and passing it over some cold coils similar to the coils on a fridge. These cold coils cause the air to reach dew point as it passes over them, and water is collected in an internal reservoir and pumped into a drain or container up to 12m away. The air is then reheated to room temperature and blown back out of the dehumidifier. This convenient, extremely easy to use unit features a simple electronic touch control pad and a robust handle and semi-pneumatic wheels, allowing the unit to be quickly positioned wherever it is needed.

Hire Price: £52.02 [hire rates] 1 Day: £52.02
2 Day: £65.36
Week: £86.70

Includes VAT & Damage Waiver. Min Hire: 1 Day

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